Sincerely yours truly Barbie

Sincerely yours truly Barbie. Sing to God and Jesus and seek the melody of life. Seek a clean heart and seek righteous behaviour. Calling Donald Trump pure evil will not help your paychwck nor will it serve this Country any good. For the good of the people be smart and don’t litter or speak vulgar language because a word of ligjt leads to an action of light. Many are here illegally and asking for A hand out or upper hand, our Country should have Borders but the Israeli people have been so good to us kind and generous. We can still pray for our Presidents that they will be informed and seek wise counsel. End war and terrorism within our own home land. You can do all things through Christ Just believe and only believe in angels and dreams. A Whole Weekend of Savings! Take up to $30 OFF with Promo Code Book Now: www cheapoair ca promo code!

Vietnam Hoi An Tours – Special Experience For Holidays

 On December 14, Hoi An Center for Culture – Sports said, during the calendar 2018 will celebrate many festivals to celebrate the new year.
Accordingly, in order to summarize the 2017 with many victories and welcome the new year 2018 promising, and enrich the activities of entertainment and entertainment for the people and visitors at the end of the year, Hoi An An will hold the event "Hoi An New Year 2018" from 24/12/2017 to 02/01/2018 at the An Hoi Garden.
Hoi An ancient town will shine the lights and many programs welcome the new year 2018
Hoi An ancient town will shine the lights and many programs welcome the new year 2018
Here there will be many interesting activities such as: folk art performances and culinary services take place every night; beautiful photo exhibition "Quang Nam Tourism" in 2017 with many photos of professional and amateur photographers across the country; "Spring dance" festival attracts dance groups from high schools in the city; "Exchange Hoi An bands" will attract skilled jazz bands from localities in Quang Nam and Da Nang.
On the night of December 31st, 1974, Hoi An Ancient Town will re-present the "Hoi An Ancient Town Night with Vietnam Hoi An Tours – Special Experience For Holidays" in the early twentieth century; Then, at the event stage, will conduct "Honor travel company to bring tourists to Hoi An most in 2017".
In addition, there will be special performances such as art performances, dancing people, flashmob, lottery lucky early years, dancing and street decorations …
At the moment of transferring between the old and the new year, people can hold hands together in international friendship to pray together for a happy new year.
Especially, at 9am on January 1, 1818, at the Bridge of the Bridge will take place the program welcome the first delegation to visit the ancient town of Hoi An in 2018.

Feeling very reflective this Christmas Eve

Feeling very reflective this Christmas Eve, missing my father and my stepfather and so grateful to have my mom here with me! Thinking about all of the wonderful people who have touched my life no matter how big or small, from grade school through high school, though college, to the kids that I have cared for who are growing up! The work friends and the parents, my kids friends and their parents! (So fortunate my kids have picked some amazing people for me!!!) Grateful for the friends who are no longer my friend, you have taught me more then you know about myself! Even more grateful for the friends who except me for who I am, all my flaws, and love me through them! Grateful for my family, who no matter what, are always there, love spending any amount of time with them, though it never seems enough!!!! So if I have ever shared a smile with you in real life or even virtually Merry Christmas and Thank you! bed bath and beyond coupons 20 off is providing a variety of bedding, bath towels, kitchen electrics, cookware, gifts and more. Shop today and enjoy 20% OFF entire purchase plus FREE shipping on many items. Happy Shopping!

Reveal the spectacular Sa Pa Vietnam with the trekking tours

 Muong Hoa valley is one of the interesting stopovers of travelers in the journey to Sapa.
Exploring Sapa, passing through many high mountains in the North West, you will "lost" in the beautiful valley with the name of Muong Hoa. A natural painting is created to create the heart of the sound of a peaceful place in the world.
Muong Hoa valley is 10km from SaPa town to the Southeast is an attractive tourist attraction, attracting the steps of visitors to it. Muong Hoa Valley attracts visitors by beautiful nature of the sky and convergence. This gorgeous valley is home to many peoples’ brethren, which are home to wonderful natural beauties that delight travelers. Muong Hoa valley is one of the famous tourist attractions in Sapa.


The colorful Muong Hoa valley
The colorful Muong Hoa valley
Besides romantic beauty, Muong Hoa valley is also attractive to visitors because there is a mysterious ancient rock, interwoven between the grass and the terraced fields of the ethnic minority. Hundreds of sandstone carved figures, strange characters so far have not identified the source and meaning. Today, the ancient carvings were ranked national monuments, a unique heritage of the ancient Vietnamese.
Muong Hoa Valley is also home to the ancient rocky Sa Pa. This strange stone carving is interwoven between grass and terraced fields of ethnic minority people. Stretching over a length of over 4km, 2km wide, with at least 159 stones, contains many mysterious figures, rocks have been the focus of research of many scientists in Vietnam, Russia, France and Australia.
Both populations of ancient rock beds have stones with beautiful carvings, concentrated in Ban Pho. With large stones, the surface is engraved with different shapes. Especially the shape of people in many positions: the figure is out of hand, round head radiates aura; have people holding hands; shaped figure upside down; There are people expressing the worship of real beings like the pictures on the Dong Son drum … Most scientists consider this to be a great legacy of human beings, not only bring value to the US but also spiritual.
Muong Hoa Valley is always the name most mentioned among the Sapa tourist sites for tourists to reveal the spectacular Sa Pa Vietnam with the trekking tours

Vietnam Folk Musics

 Cultural space of Gong Gong in Tay Nguyen spread over 5 provinces of Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong and Lam Dong. The owners of this precious and distinctive cultural heritage are 17 Austro-Asian and Austronesian ethnic groups living in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
The local communities live mainly on traditional agriculture. They have developed a variety of handicrafts, created a variety of decorative styles and styles of unique traditional houses.
The main religious beliefs of the people here are derived from the ancestor worship, shamanism and worshiping animals. Intimately connected with the daily life of the residents and the cycle of seasons, these beliefs form a mystical world, where the gongs are the bridge between spiritual beings, gods. spirit and supernatural world. Inside each gong, the gong is a god. "The older the gong, the stronger and the sacred the genie". Almost every house has gongs, even some families have several sets. This represents wealth and power, as well as a shield, protecting the family.
Cultural space of gongs in Tay Nguyen
Cultural space of gongs in Tay Nguyen
For thousands of years, gongs have been associated with the Central Highlands as an integral part of the life of every person and in all the important events of the community: Please, farewell ceremony to kill the dead, buffalo stabbing ceremony on the day to leave the tomb, etc. Until the tide ceremony, the new rice festival, the closing ceremony of the storehouse, the celebration of the new house, etc.
There is a theory that the gong culture originates from the Dong Son civilization, a brass culture that appears in Southeast Asia. Vietnamese gongs are very typical of gongs in other areas due to their high community character. This is reflected in the fact that each musician scores one. Each member of the orchestra remembers the rhythm of each gong in each ritual and harmonizes with the other musicians playing together. Depending on the ethnic groups, gongs are either knocked or hand-made; Each gong set ranges from 2 to 13 pieces with a diameter ranging from 25 to 120 cm.
In the past, Tay Nguyen people did not produce their own gong but bought gongs from Quang Nam, Quang Ngai, Laos or Cambodia, and then adjusted to get the desired sound. Each village has a gong (or gong tuner).
The process of economic, social and religious change has been making a dramatic change in the lives of the communities. Space of gong culture in the Central Highlands is facing the risk of a huge tomorrow. The preservation and transfer of knowledge and know-how of Vietnam Folk Musics to future generations is very difficult. Part because many artisans hold the secret to death, many people no longer know the traditional rituals, younger generations or not interested in gongs due to the strong attraction of modern life and culture to import. . In many places, gongs are deprived of original meaning and sacred cultural space. Gongs are traded, recycled for other purposes.
The Central Highlands gong culture has become a masterpiece of oral and intangible heritage of humanity, in addition to pride is a heavy and great responsibility. Gong gong is an invaluable asset, the Tay Nguyen ethnic communities created and constantly promoted, handed down how many times. Therefore, facing these challenges, the Ministry of Culture and Information is instructing the functional agencies together with the community to take specific actions to restore the traditional values, return the gong its soul and its true life.

I read this piece (which is archived online but not at this link) and it is an overtly racist and homophobic screed

I read this piece (which is archived online but not at this link) and it is an overtly racist and homophobic screed. It frankly went farther than I thought these Fox News bigots would actually go publicly and it speaks to the depth of their sick and twisted world view. The fact that other media companies, advertisers, cable distributors, etc.. do business with them is an indictment of their moral cowardice. This is not just about John Moody. This is about Fox News as a cancer on our culture.

One of China’s greatest billionaires told me to contact him a few months back, interested in my gifts

One of China’s greatest billionaires told me to contact him a few months back, interested in my gifts. I never reached out to him because my guides say it isn’t time, and I’ve learned to listen without having to always understand.
This is an example of how I’ve used the inner knowing, the gift we all have, to ski from slope to slope of synchronicity.
To consider myself well-versed in this world, would be inaccurate. On the contrary, the more I remember that I am a student, and a fool, the easier it is to jet through the portals of lessons that seem to blind those that attach to identity.
More and more, I listen to what I’m guided to, despite the mind’s resistance. The mind says, don’t jump off that waterfall, so I jump. The mind says, don’t go on that men’s rite of passage in the jungle. So I will. The mind says don’t completely shut off the internet for a few weeks. So I am. I am beginning to listen to Spirit.
More interesting to me, at this time, than the big house I let go of and the countless opportunities I fostered, is this little watering hole that runs through a creek near the small cabin I live at, for every time I jump in, bliss betakes me, and I move closer to the 1320 frequency aligned with the rhythm of the universe.
Before the fading ones tried to erase the powerful number 13 from our elevators and clocks, changing time into a linear, artificial 12 month, 60 minute freeze, time breathed! Time sings to us, in whirling cycles and awakening tones that guide our days. This is the calendar I listen to, today. (Download 13:20 sync app)
I see this year will bring swift changes in many ways. As the old world falls apart, there are also new currents of magic we can float on, outside the concepts that limited us, through the law of allowance.
For the world, I pray that we remember our strength this year, for we were born from the wombs of medicine women, the arms of warriors, the codes of nature herself!
And for me, I pray for my lover. I’ve lived 30 years in this life battered by the illusion of loneliness in various forms, to build a unique strength and message in my heart that emerges the more I listen. Living in my first community, a new vibration arises and I feel you close.
And now as I release this pebble into the infinite ocean of dreams, I have the opportunity to live off the land, a simple life, and write something that’s been fermenting inside for ten years. I look forward to sharing it with you all soon.
May we listen to the currents that bring us sudden, unexpected, positive change – the spirit of the Wind.
And fly, acting now.
~ Awen

It was a humour-filled three-days at Bodhgaya attending Dialogue on “India-Thailand: Commerce, Connectivity and Culture’

It was a humour-filled three-days at Bodhgaya attending Dialogue on “India-Thailand: Commerce, Connectivity and Culture’ . We enjoyed marvelous presentation by young Thai scholars.
I spoke on “Kalacakra, Trai Phum and Songkran”, knowing fully well how under-prepared I was. Participants could not stop laughing looking at me, my presentation and my innocent gibberish.
Felt happy to be blessed by so many veteran thinkers, as also ICSSR Chairperson himself.Hope to do meticulous homework for forthcoming conferences and keep humour far far away from sanity of academia.
( Few slides from my comic presentation).

Though we celebrate few of the NRI stars, we hardly condemn the NRI brigand who bring bad repute to our country and civilization

Though we celebrate few of the NRI stars, we hardly condemn the NRI brigand who bring bad repute to our country and civilization. Across much of Africa, Indian corporate honchos are much hated.. from Ethiopia to South Africa. Gupta have fallen . Zuma has finally resigned. Let us wait for Karturis and so on…. For a righteously successful Arvind Subramaniam or a Raghuram Rajan or Sundar Pichai; we have plenty of thugs and greedy individuals. Is it not the time to evaluate the role and strength of Indian diaspora in entirety?

Hello, lovAHS: I host our Valentine’s Day episode of the Pop Rocket Podcast, with special guest, film critic Dave White

Hello, lovAHS: I host our Valentine’s Day episode of the Pop Rocket Podcast, with special guest, film critic Dave White. Find out what queer film Dave was watching when he had to keep a sweatshirt over his lap. You’ll also learn who’s the Kanye and who’s the Kim in Wynter Mitchell and Mr. Rohrbaugh’s love story.

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